Our digital solutions will help you start and grow in China
Cross-border E-commerce as a WeChat Mini Program

WAYA Go is a cross-border e-commerce solution focused on  global brands entering the Chinese market. Set up and enable your own WeChat powered e-commerce infrastructure, connect your products directly with your audience through social sharing and live-streams and use WAYA to help you prepare and activate your brand entry in China.


WAYA Cloud
Build and manage your own WeChat Mini Program

Drag and drop your WeChat Mini Program or mobile website together with our DIY manager without any programming experience. Control the content and design all from one and the same system. WAYA Cloud supports both content and e-commerce solutions. No need for custom development. Deploy with quick turn-around times!



Accept and settle Chinese payment from anywhere

Getting paid by Chinese consumers is not an easy thing to get right. WAYA Pay is an easy to implement Payment Gateway that takes care of payment collection and refunds with all the popular Chinese payment methods. Smooth collection and settlement of your funds in or outside of China in the currencies you are familiar with.



We build and grow digital businesses in China

This is how it all started and this is still at our core. It is our passion to help our clients build and grow their businesses digitally in China. We might have used our digital experiences to build solutions, but we still very much love running projects and helping your grow!


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We build and grow digital businesses in China
China Social Media
China Digital Marketing
ICP Licenses
Legal & Compliance
China Cloud Hosting
China e-commerce
We setup, advise and manage your online marketing on the main social platforms used by Chinese netizens.
We help you run digital marketing campaigns and advise on the most effective social media strategies for your China growth.
We help you apply for the required ICP licenses with the right government institutions and assist with getting the right documents in order.
Doing business in China starts with the right legal setup and complying with regulations.
Need a website that loads quickly in China? We supply local cloud servers and speed up your content delivery with an in-country CDN
Getting paid by Chinese consumers is not an easy thing to setup. Our payment solution including cross-border payment solution get's your going quickly.
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