Ep. 101: The Sharing Economy in China with Barbara Ex

发表时间:2020-03-21 17:01


Our guest today, Barbara Ex has been in China since 2005. After multiple roles she created a company in one of the industries that are growing rapidly everywhere in the world. We are talking about the sharing economy industry. Her company WhiteSpace offers flexible, affordable short-term meeting and training room space. WhiteSpace is now scaling to become the complete O2O platform for meeting and training support across Asia.

About Barbara Ex

Barbara Ex is the founder and CEO of Whitespace. Barbara’s long international career has brought her through many countries, but the last 15 years have been in China, working in both international and domestic companies. Prior to founding WhiteSpace, Barbara was an Executive Director of Business Transformation at Lenovo in Beijing. With an MBA from London Business School and engineering degrees from MIT, Barbara approaches business with a professional, international, and technical mindset. Over the years she chaired the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, was founder and past president of MIT Alumni Club Shanghai, IPWS Entrepreneur of the year 2019 and chair in the mentorship program at EO.


  • What keeps her in China for over 15 years?

  • What is the difference between co-working space and co-meeting space

  • How are meetings and events run differently in China

  • How to integrate O2O into the physical meeting experience

  • Some good examples of the sharing economy in China

  • Barbara's personal war story, which turned out to be a very recent one

  • How mentorship has helped her grow her China Business

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