Ep. 102: Exploring Yunnan Province with Yereth Jansen

发表时间:2020-04-01 17:02


As China Business Cast we decided to spent more time on exploring areas in China that are less known. Less known does not mean there are no business opportunities. If you ever wonder why companies like Starbucks, Coca Cola and many other global corporations have offices in this beautiful province definitely listen to this episode. Besides business opportunities it also famous as a travel destination. Many people who visited this region got inspired and ended up staying there for a long time. An example of this is our today's guest. He is not only living in Yunnan in South-West China, but also very active in promoting the province in and outside China.

About Yereth Jansen

Yereth Jansen is a long-time entrepreneur, marketing, digital and creative expert located in Yunnan province. He is the founder and CEO of CloudBridge – Media by Design, located in Yunnan. CloudBridge is the company behind www.destiationlijiang.com and expat website GoKunming, offering travel information, event listings, and all the latest news on what is happening in Kunming City and Yunnan province. Jansen’s Beijing company, China Bridge Solutions, offers consulting, marketing, and branding services to companies entering the Chinese market. And if that is not enough to keep him busy he works on World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) projects as a Product Development and Marketing Expert and was recently awarded with the 2019 China National Tourism Travel New Talent.


  • What is Yunnan province famous for?

  • How does this region contribute to the Belt Road Initiative (BRI)?

  • What is the business environment like?

  • Recent developments that will make you consider investing in this region.

  • Why you should visit this region?

  • Is there any difference between promoting a region versus promoting a brand?

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