Ep. 103: Hong Kong and China Fintech Scene with Simon Lim

发表时间:2020-06-02 17:03


As China Business Cast we have been experiencing the struggle to transfer money from outside China to Chinese suppliers in an easy and cost-efficient way. While finding the right products and business partners is challenging already, paying your suppliers on time and the right amount is an even bigger hurdle for businesses to overcome. In today's episode, we talked with Simon Lim about why he started his cross border payment platform in Hong Kong, the current trends and challenges in the Hong Kong and China Fintech scene, and why he thinks that Hong Kong is struggling to establish a competitive Fintech industry. Tune in to learn more about the competitive fintech landscape in Hong Kong and China.   

About Simon Lin

Simon Lim is a long-time entrepreneur, digital marketing and IT consultant who discovered a market niche and high demand for better cross border payments to China. Since then Simon moved into the Fintech and payment industry and is today located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. He is the founder and CEO of GoRemit.HK - a leading cross border payment service provider to transfer money from Hong Kong to China and southeast asia based in Hong Kong. Founded in 2016, GoRemit.HK is a registered and licensed Money Service Operator (MSO) - 17-01-02074 in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region serving Hong Kong SME and individuals targeting China and SouthEast Asia. He started his business with helping friends and customers to pay suppliers in China and with growing volume and demand he transformed the operations into a full cross border payment platform.


  • What is GoRemit.HK and how does GoRemit.hk help SME and Startups to remit money to China and southeast Asia today?

  • What are the current trends in the HK and China FinTech sector?

  • How are HK consumers embracing new payment solutions like WeChat Pay or Alipay?

  • How does the new virtual bank licence in Hong Kong help FinTechs?

  • What are the challenges for FinTechs to grow in Hong Kong compared to China?

  • Why is it easier to open a bank account in China than in Hong Kong?

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