Ep. 104: Starting and growing a F&B franchise in China with Tony Leong

发表时间:2020-07-02 17:04


When traveling abroad we all have noticed that big F&B chains offer different dishes and services then at home. How comes and what are the challenges for F&B franchisees to localize in new markets and especially in China. In today’s episode, we spoke with Tony Leong from Marché Movenpick about the processes and challenges he faced when he opened the first flagship store in Shenzhen, how he found the right team and marketing partners and why sometimes it is better to skip companies SOP’s when entering the Chinese market. Tune in to learn more about starting and growing an F&B franchise in China.   

About Tony Leong

Tony Leong is a Restaurant Opener Expert, Franchise Advisor, and Concept Developer with over 20+ years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry. Tony has helped companies, investors and entrepreneurs and established brands from around the world to bring their concepts to life globally. In June 2018 Tony opened the first Marché Movenpick flagship store in Shenzhen, China, and elevated the client’s experience bringing the unique franchise concept and approach to the Chinese market.


  • Introducing the Marché Movenpick concept.

  • The process and operational steps to open a franchise chain in China. How is the process different in China in comparison to the rest of the world?

  • How to scale the global F&B restaurant franchise in the Chinese market?

  • Tony’s surprising challenges when picking his flagship location in Shenzhen.

  • Best practices and tips to find the right team for your F&B and what are the best training concepts.

  • Build up your own marketing team or hire an agency? Tony’s Marketing strategies for the Chinese market.

  • F&B Franchises usually follow strict rules and guidelines. Why does that not work in China and what kind of internal tricks did Tony use to adapt faster to China's Market?

  • How have the Chinese consumer behaviours changed over the last few years in the F&B industry?

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