Ep. 107: Social Commerce in China with Miro Li

发表时间:2020-09-13 17:06


Times have changed and everyone is buying online now. Most of these purchases are triggered by Social Media so let us get more insights on how this works in China.   

Welcome to the China Business Cast, I am your host Simon de Raadt and today’s episode is all about educating you on social channels to sell your products to Chinese consumers. We may all know Alibaba and JD.com, but you might be less familiar with channels like Bilibili and Xiaohongshu.   

For this episode, we spoke with Miro Li founder of Double V Consulting and CHINable Academy. Her main passion is to educate foreigners on how to maximize their visibility on niche social platforms like Bilibili and Xiaohongshu.   Let’s hear her thoughts on some lesser-known channels to sell your products or services.   

About Miro Li

Miro is a native Chinese and has been living in Hong Kong for a decade. Graduated from one of the TOP 3 Universities in Hong Kong (CUHK), she joined a Chinese eCommerce startup and was in charge of overseas business development.

In 2017, Miro founded Double V., a consulting company helping overseas brands enter China market from 0 to 1. Double V. is specialized in Chinese niche social platforms, including but not limited to the most popular Chinese social commerce APP RED/XiaoHongShu, and the Gen Z video-sharing platform Bilibili.

In 2019, Miro founded CHINAble Academy, a training and resources sharing platform for industry leaders to offer courses and workshops about China business, Internet, e-commerce, and marketing.

Episode Content:

  • Consumer behavior on social platforms

  • More about platforms like Xiaohongshu (Red APP) and Bilibili

  • Other social-driven platforms

  • How to use these niche platforms for cross-border e-commerce platforms

  • Why the Gen-Z (post '95) population is so important for platforms

  • Gen-Z behavior characteristics

  • What are bullet screens, such as AWSL

  • Biggest trends on social platforms in 2020

  • Insights and expectations on Singles Day (11-11)

  • CHINable platform offering free knowledge on Cross-Border E-commerce

Episode Mentions:

  • Reach out to Miro via info@doublevconsulting.com or on LinkedIN

  • Website: www.doublevconsulting.com and www.chinableacademy.com

  • WeChat ID: miro509

  • Social shipping platforms: Pinduoduo, Toutiao, Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu

  • Platforms: JD.com, Tmall.com, Yangmatou, Jumei, Kaola, Xiaohongshu, VIP

  • KOL = Key Opinion Leaders & KOC - Key Opinion Consumers

  • UGC - User Generated Content

  • ACG - Animation Comics & Games

  • AWSL - a wo si le, literally "I am dying", but used by Gen-Z to express excitement.

  • O2O - Online to Offline and Offline to Online

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