Ep. 108: Living a fulfilled life with Ben Ivey

发表时间:2020-10-02 17:09


In China, it is hard to have a work-life balance. It is much more work-life integration. It is quite a blurry line. Many people identify themselves with their job and seem to be living an unfulfilled life. This is a heavy topic I know, but it is a message that needs to be heard. Like Peter Drucker says: it is not about living a successful life, but living a valuable life.

To discuss this topic, we brought in an Entrepreneur Lifestyle coach with years of experience working with both Western and Chinese professionals.  

Today’s episode is all about creating awareness on cultural differences and understandings on living a fulfilled life.  

For this episode, we spoke with Ben Ivey, founder of Entrepreneur Lifestyle, Speaker at many stages including TedX Shanghai in Mandarin. Like many others his passion came from pain. And that pain created an unstoppable passion to help others grow.   - We hope you’ll enjoy - Let’s tune in!

About Ben Ivey

Ben is CEO of the Entrepreneur Lifestyle, an international bilingual speaker and mentor. He helps entrepreneurs globally to accelerate business success whilst living an extraordinary lifestyle.

As a Keynote Speaker and Entrepreneur Lifestyle Accelerator, he is helping fellow entrepreneurs, leaders, and individuals with bootcamps and even has a certification program to train new mentors following his principles.

Episode content

Having a work-life balance is very tough. Especially in 2020. We hope this episode gives you some tools and suggestions to overcome this years' obstacles and transfers it into a learning experience. You are never going to be completely in balance, but you can have a fulfilled life.

  • What made Ben dedicate his life to helping others living a fulfilled life.

  • How to go from a stressed and overwhelmed mindset to a great lifestyle.

  • What are differences in stress levels between Chinese and Western culture.

  • What entrepreneur lifestyle hacks can result into a fulfilled life.

  • Self development market in China.

  • How to cope with feeling behind, while everything around you is changing.

  • When everyone is on their mobile how to handle other ones expectations.

  • Why he did a TEDx Talk in Mandarin Chinese

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