Ep. 11: Environment for Tech Startups in China

发表时间:2013-12-10 09:09

Today’s guest Steve Mushero is the co-founder and CEO of ChinaNetCloud - China's largest internet managed services company.   Steve moved to China in 2005 after spending over a decade in Silicon Valley, where he worked as the CTO of a variety of technology startups.   Before founding ChinaNetCloud, Steve was the CTO of Tudou, one of China’s largest video sharing websites.   In this episode, Steve discusses some of the challenges of running a tech startup in Shanghai, as well as the overall environment for tech startups in China, compared to that of Silicon Valley.


  • Challenges of running a tech startup in China

  • Human resources and salaries in the modern Chinese economy

  • The environment for tech startups in China versus Silicon Valley

Episode Mentions:

  • 500 Startups – a Silicon Valley based global venture firm and startup accelerator

  • Toudou – One of China’s largest online video companies, which merged with Youku, another video sharing website, in 2012

  • Light in the Box – China based eCommerce website

  • Qunar – Chinese online travel booking website

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