Ep. 12: How Uber is Expanding in China

发表时间:2013-12-24 09:54

Today we have Martin Li from Uber’s Asia Expansion team on the show, talking about how Uber is expanding in the Chinese market.   Uber, which has the motto “Everyone’s Private Driver”, allows users to summon a car at the touch of a button via its mobile app.   In case you’re thinking that’s not a big deal, you should know that earlier this year, Uber closed a $360 million dollar round of funding, valuing the company at over $3.5 billion dollars.   Today, we discuss how Uber is expanding into the massive Chinese market.


  • Understand what Uber does, and how it’s approaching the China market

  • Dig into some of the intricacies and difficulties of localizing a Silicon Valley tech startup in China

  • Talk about some interesting ways Uber is gaining traction as a consumer tech product in China.

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  • If you know someone who wants to join this hot startup, check out www.uber.com/jobs/

  • Get your first free ride for free. Download the Uber app and enter the code "uberchina" to get the first ride for free!

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