Ep. 13: Chinese Company Setup - An Overview

发表时间:2014-03-04 09:55

This interview is part of the Wood Egg project, a series of guides for entrepreneurs covering 16 different Asian countries.   I contributed research for the China guide and this was one of the interviews.   For the complete WoodEgg Entrepreneurs’ Guide to China 2014 version, please visit WoodEgg.com.

Today’s guest is Fabian Knopf, senior associate at Dezan Shira, a consulting and advisory firm focusing on services for foreign direct investment in Asia.   Fabian is an expert in legal structuring, cross-border taxes, as well as HR laws and practices for foreign companies in China and Hong Kong.   Today, we discuss how to set up a Chinese company, the different options, and the pros and cons.   


  • Understand the different types of companies a foreigner can set up in China

  • Explore the advantages and disadvantages of the different company structures: Registered Office, WOFE, Joint Venture.

  • Briefly overview of business permits and taxes

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