Ep. 2: China Sourcing Essentials

发表时间:2013-06-11 17:58

Today’s guest Michael Bellamy is a business owner, author, and a bona fide expert in China Sourcing, with over a decade of experience doing business in China.   Michael is the author of the book “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” and the founder of PassageMaker, a china sourcing and contract assembly firm with a staff of over 150 specialists.   He is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board at China Sourcing Information Center, a not-for-profit organization that exists to at educate, develop, and advance the China sourcing profession.   In this episode, we discuss the essentials of China sourcing.


  • This episode outlines a roadmap for sourcing in China: from having an idea, to finding a factory, to finally getting your products shipped to you

  • We didn’t have enough time to cover all the details, so think of this as a compass rather than the turn by turn navigation to China sourcing

  • We touch important topics such as IP, purchase orders, and quality inspection

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