Ep. 3: Managing Relationships with Chinese Factories

发表时间:2013-06-25 18:00

Today’s guest Peter Keller is an entrepreneur with a great deal of experience in China sourcing for small and medium businesses.   Peter is the founder of Fringe Sport, a company that specializes in CrossFit equipment and gear.   Before founding Fringe Sport, Peter was vice president at Living Direct, an multi-million dollar online retailer of home appliances, where he helped build the overseas sourcing capability within the company.   In this episode, we discuss how to manage relationships with Chinese factories.


  • Some real-life stories of interactions with factories so you know what to expect: the good and the bad

  • Some guiding principles on how to manage relationships: from initiating the relationship, to developing the relationship, to maintaining the relationship

  • We also discuss the controversial topic of giving and taking bribes in China

Episode Mentions:

  • Dynamite Circle: a private online community for entrepreneurs with an emphasis on lifestyle design and location independence

  • Lifestyle Business Podcast: an awesome podcast by Dan & Ian where they talk about business and (sometimes) lifestyle design

  • Fringe Sport, which Peter founded, is a company that manufactures CrossFit equipment and gear

  • Living Direct, where Peter worked previously as Vice President, is an online retailer of home appliances

  • Alibaba: website where you can find Chinese suppliers and factories

  • Canton Fair: a huge export Fair held twice annually in Guangdong, China

  • Ramit Sethi’s blog: smart blog written by the author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich

You can connect with Peter:

  • Twitter: @petekeller

  • Via email: his first name at fringesport.com

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