Ep. 6: Bootstrapping a Profitable Online Language Education Business

发表时间:2013-08-06 18:04

Today’s guest David Lancashire came to China in 2003.   He is fluent in Chinese Mandarin and he is the founder of PopUp Chinese, an online language education company that teaches Chinese.   His company is completely bootstrapped and it’s profitable.   Today, we’re here to talk about boostrapping a profitable online business in China (in the competitive Chinese language learning market to boot!).   In addition, we’ll also get a few tips and resources for learning Chinese.


  • We hear David’s story of how he bootstrapped a profitable online education business in China

  • The online language / Chinese language education market

  • Some tips and resources on learning Chinese

Episode Mentions:

You can connect with David:

  • Email: first name at popupchinese.com

  • Or, visit popupchinese.com and leave a comment

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