Ep. 7: Sourcing Your First Product from China Remotely

发表时间:2013-08-20 18:05

Today’s guest Terry Lin is the host of Build My Online Store, a podcast that helps ecommerce entrepreneurs grow their businesses by interviewing successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, and thought leaders.   A few months ago, Terry decided to create an ecommerce product himself from scratch.   He was able to find a manufacturer in China, get a sample made, and get the first production run done, while being remote the entire time.   Today, we’ll discuss how he decided on the product and the process he went through to source the product from China without ever setting foot in the country.


  • How Terry came up with the idea of an ecommerce product

  • What he did to estimate demand for it

  • How he did product design using Amazon reviews and Pinterest

  • Learn how he managed the entire sourcing process remotely, without setting foot in China

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