Ep. 88: How to Avoid PR Mistakes When Chinese Tech Companies Going Global with Elliott Zaagman

发表时间:2019-01-30 16:35

Elliott Zaagman (aka “Ell”) is a writer, executive coach, and speaker, helping Chinese enterprises grow into global organizations. During past years he’s been a writer, journalist and researcher on China’s tech industry, as a regular contributor to Huxiu, Tech in Asia and Technode, as well as a coach and PR assistant for a number of Chinese tech founders, including LeEco during their global takeoff and crash and various made-in-China Internet giants. Recently, he launched his own podcast China Tech Investor to mystify the investment landscape in the Chinese technology industry.


  • Elliott Zaagman introduces himself

  • Why did you want to write about China and its tech scene in the first place? Since you are a critic of China’s tech industry, in your observation, what are the big trends in 2018 that foreigners who want to do business here should know about?

  • Why do you think Tech investments environment in China is drying up?

  • You have coached many high-profile Chinese tech companies and tech leaders, in your observations, can you tell us about that?

  • What are the common mistakes in PR they tend to make when going global?   

  • Through your practices, what have been some effective ways to improve their PR abilities? Some examples?   

  • Recently you started your podcast called China Tech Investor, what is it about? Why did you want to start it?   

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