Ep. 89: Exciting News about China Business Cast - With Shlomo, Mike and Jons Slemmer

发表时间:2019-02-15 16:36

A very interesting episode where Shlomo and Mike are introducing Jons Slemmer as our new host of China Business Cast. From Thailand, Sri Lanka and Chengdu   you’ll hear our hosts talking about the exciting news of our podcast.

About our new host:
Jons is a digital entrepreneur with current adventures in China, Hong Kong and Estonia. He is building a global future for brands and consumers going in and out of China.
Feel free to ask your questions!


  • Introducing of Jons Slemmer as new host of CBC

  • Explanations about the transition from Mike and Shlomo to Jons

  • Talk about Chinese New Year events

  • Jons shares his background

  • How Mike and Shlomo met Jons

  • Mike and Shlomo’s next steps

  • More help is needed from the community

  • Few ideas for CBC content - provincial episodes ?

  • Let’s get in touch!

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