Ep. 9: Bringing Foreign Brands to China via eCommerce

发表时间:2013-11-12 18:07

Today’s guest Frank Lavin is the CEO of Export Now, a company that helps international brands sell to Chinese consumers via Tmall, China’s largest B2C e-commerce platform.   Among the brands Export Now works with are the National Football League and Tabasco sauce.   The company handles everything from customs clearance, to localization, to trademark registration, to order fulfillment and customer support, making selling in China a turn-key experience for international brands.   Today, we’re here to chat about the e-commerce market in China and some of the intricacies of bringing foreign brands to China.


  • Understand the e-commerce opportunity in China

  • Dig into some of the difficulties and intricacies of bringing foreign products into China

  • Talk about marketing to Chinese consumers as an e-commerce business

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