Ep. 90: Douyin/TikTok and Influencer Marketing in Asia with Fabian Bern, Partner at UPLAB

发表时间:2019-03-01 16:37

Today’s podcast we are talking about a very popular topic over the last few years in Digital Marketing which is Influence. Which in Asia is the one of the most cost-effective customer acquisition channels. And to talk about it, we invited a fellow China-preneur, Fabian Bern who will explain his way of reimagining Storytelling in Asia through Influencer Marketing.

About Fabian Bern:

  • From Netherlands like Jons - 25 years old - studied - passionate by marketing, technology, and mental health.

  • Fabian travelled the world, lived in different countries, spoke at events and worked with people from different cultures.

  • For over 5 years he has helped brands and people with growth marketing and business development. From starting a media-company and giving people access to affordable sports clothing, to help people make their dreams come through while working for venture capital.

  • Today, he spend most of his time on UPLAB, a creative & influencer agency where they help brands tell their story to the new generation.

  • On the side, he manages Lively, a place where people can understand more about their feelings and help them find the right professional help.

About UPLAB:

They focus on Douyin and influencer marketing.

  • Just rebranded to do just that, but not only for China, but for Southeast Asia

  • They are organising 'China Influencer Summit'

  • And launching 'Influencer Network'


  • Fabian Bern introduces himself and UPLAB activities in Asia and China.

  • We define Influencer Marketing and why according to Fabian and his expertise this marketing segment is so popular in Asia- and for the new generation UPLAB targets

  • Fabian talk about the Younger Generations

  • Talk about Douyin (TikTok) and explain the massive success of this platform first in Asia and now all around the world

  • Fabian is a Douyin user, is he influencer himself? We explain how people become influencer with a 10-15 secondes video content sharing

  • Talk about China Influencer Summit UPLAB is organising this year - the goal and the expectations

  • Explaining the process when brands want to engage and build relationship and create content with influencers

  • How much does an Influencer Marketing operation costs? Minimum budget for brands

  • Talk about the Influencer Network created by UPLAB - needs and process

  • Differences compare to PARKLY (other agency).

  • Best cases sharing - Brilliant Influence/Douyin campaign in Fabian’s opinion and tips to create a successful campaign

  • Ways people can reach Fabian and his business

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