Ep. 91: How to Optimise and Use LinkedIn for business in China with Daniella Santana

发表时间:2019-03-15 16:51

Today’s podcast we are talking about how to optimise and use LinkedIn platform for your business and how is it used in China? This the question we will answering with Daniella Santana in the 91th Episode.

About Daniella Santana:
Daniella Santana is from country side of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to China in 2005. She is an inspiring Entrepreneur / LinkedIn Trainer / China Business Consultant & Female Catalyst.


  • Daniella Santana introduces herself and her activities in China

  • Guest explains how she started using LinkedIn and when did she realize its business potential in China

  • Differences between Linkedin and China based alternatives which are rising and growing larger; like Maimai, Zhaopin and Liepin.

  • LinkedIn Audience insights in China

  • More about Daniella's main activity “LinkedIn Training”

  • Info on how to join the LinkedIn Boot Camp

  • LinkedIn messages discussion and good practices

  • Personal branding on LinkedIn

  • 3 best practices on how to grow your LinkedIn faster and attract more customers in China

  • Jons and Daniella are talking about pricing - need or not to spend a lot of money to be effective on the platform

  • About “Tools Of The Trade" - free eBook with the tools of the trade for entrepreneurs who work with or in China

  • Ways people can reach Daniella and her business

Episode Mentions:

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