Ep. 92: How to structure your finances as an expat with Mikkel Thorup

发表时间:2019-04-01 16:52

Today's podcast we are talking about “How to structure your finances as an Expat” with Mikkel Thorup, host of the popular podcast The Expat Money Show, expat for 20+ years and author of the book “Expat Secrets”

Mikkel Thorup:

  • Host Of The Expat Money Show Podcast

  • Author Of Expat Secrets on Amazon

  • Visited More Than 100 Countries

  • Lived Overseas As An Expat for 20 Years

  • Works In The Offshore Markets Helping People To Legally Reduce Their Tax Bill

  • Protect Their Assets & Regain Privacy And Control Over Their Lives


  • Mikkel Thorup tell us about his background, and the relationship with China.

  • Guest is giving a definititon of 'expat' - Talk about his expat story and journey - especially in China.

  • Explanation of 'offshore' term

  • Talk about common issues or mistake from a personal financial perspective or even business financials occurred by expats in China, Asia and all over the world.

  • Mikkel talks about strategies or solutions he recommend on employing to avoid or correct those.

  • Specific tips/strategies for China or Asia.

  • Discussion about first steps to medicate your taxes, building offshore companies.

  • Mikkel's #1 actionable tip to start.

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