Ep. 93: Open Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Amado Trejo & Luis Sarre, Co-founders of Free Entr

发表时间:2019-05-03 16:53

Today's podcast we are talking about Open Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Amado Trejo & Luis Sarre, Co-founders of Free Entrepreneurs.

Amado Trejo:

  • Previously, working for the Mexican Government in Shanghai, he devoted his endeavours and know-how to promote Chinese investment in Mexico and vice-versa, to position Mexican exports in China, and to consolidate Mexico as a tourist destination for Chinese travelers.

  • He has advised key policymakers and leaders in the private sector in both countries about trends, opportunities and best practices in business, education, innovation, and tourism. Given his residence in different countries and involvement in various economic sectors, Amado has developed an international and comprehensive contact network.

  • He is the Asia Bureau Director of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (Mexico), focus on boost cooperation between Research and Development Centers, Universities and Innovation Ecosystems both in Asia and Mexico. He is the Co-Founder and COO of Free Entrepreneurs; a Shanghai-based startup dedicated to developing networks worldwide for open innovation projects.

Luis Sarre

  • Automotive and Mechanical Design Engineer with strong technology innovation background and 25+ years of hands-on multidisciplinary experience; currently developing products and running open and corporate innovation initiatives with a UX(user experience)-centric approach in the fields of Mobility and Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT).

  • He has founded his experience working in China, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Mexico, USA, Canada and Italy developing teams and sharing knowledge to innovate, design exciting products and run cross-technology projects.

  • Currently he is Principal Consultant at InnOvatio; and Co-Founder and CEO at Free Entrepreneurs.


  • Amado and Luis are telling us a little bit of their backgrounds. What do they do, and what’s their relationship to China?

  • A bit more about your work with Free entrepreneurs: How did it get started, what is the goal, why is there this need? Different verticals that are covered?

  • One of the core parts they focus on is innovation. How do does that work in China? Especially from a non-Chinese point of view?

  • Comment saying that "we need more inventors vs innovation / Radical new discoveries vs incremental (small) improvements". What is Amado & Luis stance on that?

  • And how does this all link to the Chinese business environment? How do they currently view the business and startup environment in China?

  • There are so many networks, accelerators, incubators and more in the world and also plenty in China. What makes Free entrepreneurs different and why should people want to join?

  • What are some of the challenges or pitfalls that can be seen businesses encounter while trying to make it in China?

  • Mistakes Amado & Luis have made and learned from

  • #1 actionable tip for doing business in China

  • How to get in touch with Amado & Luis or learn more on what they are working on

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