Ep. 94: Entrepreneurship, accelerators and unicorns in China with Matthieu Bodin

发表时间:2019-05-23 16:54

Today's podcast we are talking about entrepreneurship, accelerators and unicorns in China with Matthieu Bodin, Regional Manager at Techstars.

Matthieu Bodin

  • Frenchman, lived 10 years in Greater China and currently based in Shanghai.

  • Worked in fintech, luxury retail and for a startup prior to joining Techstars.

  • Helping to grow ecosystems of entrepreneurs throughout Greater China.Regional Manager Greater China at Techstars | Community Builder & Entrepreneur

  • Was leading the Techstars Startup Programs in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

  • He built bridges between Techstars and Chinese innovators: sharing his understanding of China within Techstars and its network, or presenting Techstars with Chinese officials and entrepreneurs.

  • His role is to identify, train and coach Community Leaders locally so they can support the next generation of entrepreneurs.


  • Matthieu tells a little bit of his background. What does he do, and what’s his relationship to China?

  • “We need more inventors vs innovation. Radical new discoveries vs incremental (small) improvements.” Details on where does Techstars fits in the global and Chinese ecosystem.

  • Discussion about entrepreneurship, capital investment and growth strategy

  • Matthieu shares insights on the whole startup / accelerator / VC ecosystem in China

  • #1 actionable tip for doing business in China

  • Ways to get in touch with Matthieu.

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