Ep. 98: How can foreign companies make their brand known to Chinese tourists and consumers with Bett

发表时间:2019-10-12 16:58


Today’s podcast will be about connecting your Western brand with Chinese consumers and tourists with Betty Touzeau.


About Betty Touzeau

Fell in love with China in 2006. Founded her first E-commerce company in China in 2008 focused on selling Chinese products online in Europe, like Amazon, Cdiscount, Groupon, Alibaba etc. Learned Chinese Mandarin during her first four years to truly connect with the Chinese community and her Chinese family. From 2014 she started to reverse this business model helping European companies sell online in China via cross-border e-commerce with a focus on French brands to sell in the Chinese online market. To be closer to her target group she moved back to France after 8 years in China to offer her services to French companies. This is done via her company Paris2Beijng connecting with Chinese consumers either located in mainland China or traveling to Europe and attract their attention.

About PARIS2BEIJING: https://www.paris2beijing.com
Help brands and retailers to connect with Chinese consumers:

  • Professional trainings: understand WeChat, E-commerce, marketing digital in China

  • WeChat management: launch and manage your Official account and WeChat advertising

  • Consulting: help you find the right strategy for your online activities with market study, benchmark, marketplaces and social media recommendations


With approval of Jons, co-host Simon de Raadt took over this podcast covering the following topics:

  • Transforming the business model from China to Europe into Europe to China and determine possible overlap and learnings.

  • How guanxi kickstarted her current company.

  • Why European brands are just in the beginning stage of entering the Chinese market..

  • What is Betty's best guess on how the market will evolve after Alibaba their competitor Koala.

  • Why online visibility and content are your key starting point of focus.

  • How to get started, what budget will you need, some success cases and thing not to do.

  • How the Chinese dream is so alive in the minds of Chinese consumers and foreigners living in China.

  • The role of the Chinese government supporting the Chinese dream to become a reality.

  • Do your homework or find a partner who can help you do your homework on how to attract Chinese consumers to interact with your brand.

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