Ep. 99: Expanding by Merger & Acquisition with Valérie Hoeks

发表时间:2019-12-11 16:59


Instead of looking for how to get started in China we take a look at how to grow in China. There is a lot written on Merger & Acquisition and Investments in China or by Chinese companies. How to get these deals done? Today we have Valérie Hoeks on the show to share her experiences on what it takes to expand in China in terms of investment, merger or acquisition.


About Valérie Hoeks

During her first visit to China in 2000, Valérie Hoeks was fascinated by the energy of the country and its people. Their resourcefulness and tenacity motivated Valérie to complete her Sinology Masters and spend the next twenty years gaining valuable experience in the Chinese business world. Valérie is energized by working with ambitious and innovative companies that want to increase their impact on the ever-changing Chinese market. She is a skilled strategist, mediator and management coach with a keen understanding of the Chinese market and ways of working. Her TEDx-talk on cultural differences has 400K views on Youtube and is still regularly referred to.

About China Inroads: https://www.chinainroads.com/

China Inroads provides customized strategic solutions for European companies at a crossroads with their Chinese partners (takeovers, mergers, investors, JV partners, distributors, agents). By collaborating at the executive level, Valérie and her team of local specialists help European companies solve complex China-related business challenges and achieve long-term growth in the evolving Chinese market.


This episode will address the following topics:

  • How her China journey started at the age of 18

  • Why being quiet actually means you are in trouble, and how to solve this

  • How to bridge two perspectives

  • How to fix any stressful and urgent situation

  • Why people need to change themselves to succeed in international business

  • How to overcome cultural differences to make a cooperation work

  • Why you should watch the documentary American Factory

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