AWS China

AWS China offers the same services as AWS globally: clients who already use AWS will have no issues with technical implementation of resources through AWS China.

There are, however, a few extra challenges for your China implementation, as AWS China is a dedicated standalone version of AWS for Mainland China with its own Chinese Characteristics.

We can provide support with the following:

AWS China is an invite-only platform. We can speed up the opening of your account using our connections that we have developed over the years. Amazon provides the core technologies that power AWS, but operationally they have partnered with 2 Chinese cloud providers that manage all the other operational services such as account openings, ICP licensing and invoicing.

Each partner manages a different region for AWS China and each one of them has their own specific procedures which makes the AWS China deployment process more complicated from an operational standpoint.

Get in touch for help with navigating these potential bottlenecks and pitfalls.

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