Commercial ICP License

Beside the ICP Beian and the PSB Beian, the ICP Zheng or "Commercial ICP" license comes up when you start searching into Chinese internet licenses.

The ICP Zheng is actually has many different variations and categories that need to match the digital scope you are planning to provide in China. So it is not "one" internet license that covers a wide scope range.

However, commonly, in English coverage, it is seen as the license that is required to legally operate commercial activities online in China. Processing payments and transactions is one of the ICP Zheng variations that can be applied for, but there are quite a few other categories that could apply to your online business. So it is not as straight-forward as it might seem.

Also keep in mind that, while these licenses grant a wider operating scope, the complexitiy and requirements to apply for these licenses goes up significantly.

Its a complex field and each case is different, so get in touch to discuss your specific situation and we can advise on the best approach forward.

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