China Digital Brand Audit

Enable your customers to pay with WeChat Pay and Alipay but have the payments settled to your accounts outside of China. We know doing cross-border payments can be complex to setup as there are a lot of regulations around them.

As a regulated Payment Gateway provider and official partners of WeChat Pay and Alipay in China, we have a deep understanding and relationships within the Chinese payments ecosystem.

We can assist you with:

  • Getting on-boarded on the official cross-border payment platforms from WeChat and Alipay, who faciliate direct settlement to your overseas bank account*

  • Through our own Chinese Payment Gateway called WAYA Pay, we are able to collect   payments on your behalf from Chinese Consumers in China and settle directly to your accounts from our Merchant trust account. We can assist with account setup and arrange a preferential payment fees compared to other solutions.

Get in touch for support on account setup and/or payment integration into your platforms.

*Note: Not all use-cases are supported, WeChat Pay and Alipay make the final decisions.

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