Influencers (KOL / KOC)

Using influencers around the world has become a standard go-to-market strategy by brands. In China it is no different and possibly even more common and developed.

‘KOL’ stands for Key Opinion Leader which is similar to 'influencer', the term used in social media jargon outside of China. Which are generally high-profile people such as idols, actors and famous entrpreneurs with a large social media fanbase that they can reach out to.

‘KOC’ stands for Key Opinion Consumer which became a marketing trend in 2019 and can be seen as an equivelant of a 'micro influencer'. These KOC's have a much smaller, but often more focussed audience on which they can influence to a large degree due to the trust they have build up with them.

When you are ready to ramp up your marketing efforts for your products or services, this is defintly one of the marketing strategies that you need to consider. There are influencers in every category and niche you can think of, the hard part is finding, evaluating and selecting the right influencers.

Get in touch with us and we will help you find the right kind of influencer that can help you promote and grow your business in the Chinese market.

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