PSB Beian License

Beside the mandatory ICP Beian for hosting any online services in China, the PSB Beian has become mandatory in most instances as well. The PSB Beian is governed by the Public Security Bureau in China and is related to the online security aspects of your digital presence.

The PSB Beian needs to be applied within 30 days after acquiring your ICP Beian and the application can take up to several months. Luckily once you have the ICP Beian, you can already go online, so the long processing time does not really matter as it is not a blocker.

However with increaseing enforcement of the always changing regulations, ignoring this license can come at serious consequences in the long run.

Get in touch to discuss your Chinese internet license needs and see how we can provide a path forward through this. There are options available if you have established a Chinese entity or are operating from your original business entity only.

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