WFOE incorporation

When you are getting serious about your China entry, then it is time for your own Wholly Foreign Owned Entity.

At WAYA, we specialise in everything digital in China. We realise that for some clients the first step is to incorporate their business in China. To facilitate this, we have great partners that can handle company incorporations and the on-going upkeep in China.

We highly impore businesses to not only look at Tier 1 locations, such as Shanghai for their entity corporations, but to the "New Tier 1" and Tier 2 locations such as Chengdu or Hangzhou.

We are happy make recommentions for our trusted legal partners in China. With their tailored solutions, you can have your business up and running in China with very reasonable investments.

If you are in need of a company incorporation or any legal support in the China market, please get in touch and we can make the introduction for you.

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